Questions for all dancers.

Hi All,
Please reply directly to Lynne Flanders at
Our club is in need of a rebirth which will require everyone’s help.
I thank all that have worked so hard to keep us together..

I understand the many challenges.
Halls/DJs/Dancers –
Money/ time/ commitment
Competition – there are currently many choices for our dancing pleasure.

Questions for all of you = Here’s your chance!!! Answer any or all – or come up with more questions!!!

1) How far would you travel for a dance? (from where?)
2) How important is it to you to be able to attend a dance and be able to bring snacks and drinks without charge?
3) How important are free/donated donuts & coffee?
4) How much would you spend for cover charge?
5) Would you like to see workshops? Line/Partner? (during the day?)
6) Please give each day a priority number that would indicate your ability to commit to attending dances:
Starting with number 7 being the highest ability to attend dance
Mon_____ Tue_____Wed_____Thurs_____ Fri_____ Sat______ Sun______
7) If NEWDA is on Friday, will you be dancing at Illusions, Caddy or elsewhere instead of NEWDA (no need to say which)?
8) if NEWDA is on Saturday, will you be dancing at Illusions, Caddy or elsewhere instead of NEWDA (no need to say which)?
9) Are you willing to help run a dance?
11) Are you willing to advertise for us?
12) Would you like to see us have fundraisers (for charity or people in need)?
13) Would you like to see dance demos organized at Fairs/Malls/etc (like the old days = Hunter Mountain & Indian Ranch)?
14) Dinner dances or Pot Lucks of interest???
15) Can you help us find some Halls? Churches? Firehouses?
16) Should we rotate to different areas that have no places to dance right now to build membership???? (refer to ?#1)
17) Would there be interest in renewing relations with CCMA?
18) Do you know anyone that might be interested in joining us?
19) How do you like our former halls? Rockwells? Franco? Thomaston Lanes? Others?

Watch for updates on Facebook page “New England Western Dance Association (NEWDA)” & our website. – This will take us some time… Please be patient.

Thank you, in advance, for all of your help!