Dances Taught at Quassy Bar-B-Que 2015

The Quassy Bar-B-Que was another great time!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. A shout out to all the Girls Scouts and Brownies that joined in for a few “spontaneous” line dances… Our line dance future is looking bright.

Here are the dances taught and links to the step sheets

Greg & Sam Van Zilen – Right Turn Clyde

Chris & Donna Hookie – Bustin Out

Aric Lemieux – Country Walkin’

Sue Kaupelis – Oh My My

Lynne Flanders –

Double D Duke – Let’s lay down tonight

Links to the Demo Dances

STM Dancers

Make Me Wanna

Cookies and Cream

Wild Nights

Sue’s Crew

Kick it Up

Oh My My

Honey I’m Good

Lynne’s Lines

Sounds Good Don’t It

You Never Know

‘Til It’s Gone

Every Star