Dances Taught at NEWda & NEWyork Workshop

NEWda & NEWyork Workshop & Dance
April 11, 2015 at Knights of Columbus, 125 Litchfield St, Torrington, CT 06790

Chug Chug Chug
Beginner+ with Aric Lemieux –
Step Sheet: Chug Chug Chug (Aric Lemieux)
Song: Chug (The Scott Taylor Band)

Crushin’ It
Intermediate with Tammy Bosse –
Step Sheet: Crushin’ It (Helene Lavoie, Michel Auclair, Marie Poirier, Michael LaCasse)
Song: Crushin! It (Brad Paisley)

A Little Square
High Beginner with DoubleDee Duke –
A Little Square (Duke Alexander)
Song: House Party (Sam Hunt)

Shut Up and Dance
Intermediate with Bill Belejack –
Step Sheet: Shut Up and Dance (Cody Flowers)
Song: Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

Till It’s Gone
Beginner with Lynne Flanders –
Step Sheet: Till It’s Gone (Lynne Flanders)
Song: Till It’s Gone (Kenny Chesney)

Waltz at this Moment
Low Intermediate with Jan Barrus –
Step Sheet: Waltz at This Moment (Jamie Marshall)
Song: Open Arms (Journey)

Don’t Look Good Naked
Beginner with Bernadette Gill –
Step Sheet: Don’t Look Good Naked (Eddie Huffman)
Song: I Don’t Look Good Anymore (Snake Oil Willie Band)

Wakey Wakey
Intermediate with Jill Weiss –
Step Sheet: Wakey Wakey (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski)
Song: I Woke Up (One-T)